Cuban tradition in “Duo”

From july 2020, after the music enviroment in Oslo has taken a hit by the coronavirus, i started this project of playing traditional cuban music, in “duo guitar and voice”. So we have new oportunities opening, and we can reach to all crowds and places. The repertoire includes songs from benny more, buena vista social club and also songs before their time, that werent popularized until recently. Currently we are working in, and around Oslo.

We are:

– Alejandro Gispert on the guitar (educated in classic guitar in the national school of arts in Havana),

– Patricia Morales on the voice (Félix Varela music school in habana),

– Rayner Tarin in the voice as a substitute for Patricia. (Félix Varela music school in habana)

here are some postcards of our latest jobs:


1 thought on “Cuban tradition in “Duo”

  1. RAYNER TARIN CAMPS August 5, 2020 — 13:23

    Buen trabajo hermano.
    Gracias por tu música 😁👏👏👏

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