Cuban Spectrum Tour 2022

The Cuban Spectrum has concluded a tour that includes: 

 -A concert in Ibsenhuset in Skien under “Kulturkræsj”.

 -A concert in Bakgården in Sandvika under Sanvika Internasjonale kulturfestival “San Fiesta”.

– A concert in Bakgården in Sarpsborg under Robert Normann jazzfestival.

All the tour venues have received a good mix of world music and jazz. In that way we successfully managed to engage more audience types and showcase Afro-Cuban music.

The arrangers were pleased to add world jazz to their festival program and as one arranger announced to the audience, “it is important to include Afro- Cuban jazz in jazz festivals because of the tremendous influence the style and musicians have had on jazz as we know it”.

The audience also expressed enthusiasm and interest after the concerts and complimented the band for the repertoire, that was composed of original tracks, and Cuban rhythms.

The band plans to continue with a winter tour, targeting even more jazz and world jazz festivals.

Line up:

Alejandro Gispert – Bass, vocals

Xander Crook – Drums

Antonio Torner- Drums (Substitute)

Katherine Espinal – Keyboard

Kim Koffeld – Trumpet

Audun Øksendal – Trombone

Øyvind Brække – Trombone (substitute)

Eduardo Cedeno – Congas (guest)

Erlend Alderskog Albertsen – Soprano sax (guest)

Nadia Christensen – Presentation of the band

Media from our concerts:

Picture Gallery

Download Our Flyers


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