The Cuban Spectrum Project

The Cuban Spectrum Band is founded in Oslo in 2015, thanks to the idea of the young musician Alejandro Gispert, graduated from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) of Cuba.
Originally created under the name of Electrum, the group distinguishes itself by combining jazz and hip-hop with an Afro-Cuban flavor and influences of traditional Nordic music. Gispert developed the concept of his group as part of a project of the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), where he has deepened in the musical environment of that Scandinavian country.
Composed in the majority of young musicians, the band consists of a format that includes drums, electric bass, piano, trumpet, trombone and congas in addition to the voice.

Auguring a promising future, the presentations of the young group in various international stages including the recently completed tour of southern Norway, have received an excellent reception from the public, which has been identified particularly with the sound resulting from the meeting of cuban sounds with European jazz, and the participation of musicians of different interpretive styles”. See less

TCEP – Oslo Musikkfest

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